“ We should not care so much about what the many say about us, but what one will say who knows about the just and unjust, the one that is, and this is the truth.”

“ Δεν πρέπει να νοιαζόμαστε τόσο πολύ, για το τι θα πουν για μας οι πολλοί, αλλά τι θα πει όποιος ξέρει καλά για τα δίκαια και τα άδικα, ο ένας δηλαδή και αυτή θα είναι η αλήθεια.” Πλάτων


Plasma Doors Catalog 2020

—by Nick Kalimeris Designer

The special feature of Plasma Doors, is the ability to create unique coplanar doors . Plasma Doors offers solutions even in the toughest and most demanding cases, adhering strictly to all specifications with its specialized staff and technological equipment.

PLASMA Doors, with extensive experience in the construction sector, also manufactures a large collection of aluminum doors with high technical know-how and modern equipment. It implements ideas and innovative designs with high quality, consistency and manufacturing excellence.

The privately-owned 4,000-square-meter facilities plus 650 square meters of exhibition space combined with years of experience give it a unique advantage over competition. PLASMA Doors has been distinguished in the frames  sector for years and has maintained confidence and personal contact with its customers. Its factory unit is built to the most up-to-date safety specifications and the production line is divided into two separate sections, for PVC & aluminum material.

A feature of PLASMA Doors is the ability to create rare and unique  doors. Offering the solution to the most difficult and demanding cases. Strictly  complying to all specifications with its dedicated staff and technological equipment.