You may have the best website in the world - what is the point if nobody can find it? Would you establish a modern enterprise in a blocked area without roads? Then why build a website without being sure that it will be accessable to those who are looking for something related to your services?

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of functions that are in use through all stages of your website development. There are specific actions that help to develop your website as high as possible in search results of search engines for visitors that are interested in your services or your products. Some of these are divided into three stages: Site - Creation and Development Optimization of code and contents Link - Building

Our goal is to optimize your website for popular user searches that are really interesting for you and can bring hits and clients. With absolute transparency we record with screenshots the positions your website was on

On-page optimization - Content Development - Link Development
by Artnoise Designers

before we apply our SEO methodology and finally we present you the positions in which it can be found now. We adapt constantly our techniques to the algorithms changes that are applied by search engines, so you always have an optimized website. All techniques we use are accepted by the search engines (white hat seo) and there is no risk of your punishment and exclusion from the results. In order for a page to stay in first positions the aim is a high traffic page in connnection with the strong brands of the available products and services. Since the appearance in top positions of search results through SEO is not always possible for all the keywords that may interest you, we strongly believe that a comprehensive strategy in the search engines should also include an advertising campaign in google adwords.

In adwords the results are immediate and can be complementary to the organic search results. Moreover, according to recent measurements, even for keywords that your website appears first in the organic search results, additional display advertising message through google adwords can increase the chances of finding a client by 40%.