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We treat each client individually in order understand his real needs and expectations. The range of our services, our know-how and our experience in the internet - and not only - enables us to propose solutions that will render good results.

Artnoise designers is a company active in design and communication since 1999 with the promotion of companies as its object. We are a group of professionals with different expertise united in a common goal. Creation and desire of learning through the synthesis of views, with outstanding works that satisfy our clients and ourselves. We appeal to those who want to show and expand the capabilities of their business through the internet transforming it into an integral part of their business.

The power spectrum of our services on the internet has been expanding in a wide range since the year 2000. Our activities go from web-design and promotion in search-engines to applications for social media and internet marketing. The projects that we have created until today cover various areas of business sectors such as, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, tourism industry, financial activities, e-commerce, industry, non-profit organizations, etc.

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We are creative professionals
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The creation, graphic design, advertising is not random or vague concepts are pieces of our everyday life. To meet at any time 24 hours. Think of a world without labels, no brands, with monochrome packaging on the shelves of super markets, no ads on television and in general without information .

Kalimeris Nikos

Graphic & Web Designer
Team Member


The create needs peace, needs thinking, needs satisfaction, but also rewarding, an art and has its own spiritual affairs. The important thing in the world of creation is that harmony and peace in life contribute to making innovative ideas ...

Tzeny Faliaridou

Graphic designer & Painter
Team Member


The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Just like a doctor fights against disease. For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with design.

John Zagoritis

Web Designer&Developer
The love of creation and communication through the way of advertising led us to where we are today, to live together in one place and produce ideas to successful promotion of our customers. Team because we work with team spirit, we love what we do, we trust the power of teamwork and uniqueness. A group of people with diametrically opposed characters, with different views, different lifestyles, but with a common vision creation. We are team because good and smooth cooperation is the key to a successful project in such a basis we work with our customers. Finally, we group and it seems ...!

Why choose us

We provide high quality services
we are team

We are a team because we work with a team-spirit, we love what we do and we trust the power of collegiality and uniqueness.

we are a strong

We are strong because we have confidence, we trust in our capabilities, but also in the result of our efforts, because our work stands out.

we create

We create because we love creation, because we have imagination and desire, disposal and perception of space and time - the main components of the most successful recipe.

we learn

We permanently find out, what is new on the market and in our field. This way we manage to successfully complete each job and to offer uniqueness for each of our customers.

you trusτ us

Your trust gives us strength. You prefer and consult us, follow our points of view, because you know the outcome.

we challenge you

We challenge you to trust us. We invite you to meet the Artnoise Designers, its people. We invite you to its place ... we invite you to change.